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Instant software download after purchase | no trigger cables required | Optimized for bullet-time & photogrammetry studios & events


$99.00 USD

  • Sleek and modern user interface
  • Instant replay
  • Multiple resolutions available
  • Control using a keyboard, a mouse, a Bluetooth powerpoint presenter or a gamepad
  • Image/video gallery
  • Replay monitor (auto play last or loop the last five items)

Photobooth mode

  • Selfie mode / countdown
  • Sharing form (by email, smtp account required)
  • Touchless sharing (via a QR code)
  • Gallery and Replay monitors accessible from other computers through the same local network via a web browser (local ip address)
  • Photo post-processing add-ons: Watermark, Color Grading (LUT), Poster.
  • Customizable input form, terms and conditions & sharing UI (background and colors)
  • API calls
  • FTP upload

Light-painting mode (Canon only)

  • Auto-dimmer (blanks all monitors during your long exposure shot to ensure you are in pitch black)
  • Toggle mode for triggering (click to start the exposure, click to end it)

Burst mode:

  • Burst speed based on your camera capabilities
  • “Multiple”: trigger a defined number of times at a slower pace
  • Output: mp4 or Gif
  • Rewind effect
  • Boomerang effect
  • Video post-processing add-ons: Watermark, Alpha transparency (.MOV) overlays, blending mode (.MP4) overlays, Intro, Outro, Color Grading (LUT), Poster

Tether (studio) mode:

  • Live replay on one or multiple big monitors (either from the same computer via an hdmi cable, or through a second computer via your local network)
  • Install smaller replay-stations (tablets) for your models to review the shots (physical distancing)
  • Change camera settings via a clean and large user friendly interface (web based)
  • Auto apply your favorite color grading (LUT) on the fly (playback of the images with the LUT applied)
  • Library module: studio type gallery with thumbnails, images, exifs, quick operations (share, delete)
  • Wireless controls: trigger, prev/next image, screen blackout
  • Create live galleries accessible from your student’s devices

Compatible cameras

  • Most Canon DSLRs: T3, T3i, T5, T6, T6i, T6s, T7, T7i, 6d, 7d, 7d Mark II, 5d Mark III, 5d Mark IV, 1Dx Mark II, 1Dx Mark III
  • Canon Full frame mirrorless: R, RP, R5, R6
  • Some Canon of the M series: M50, M200, M6 Mark II
  • Some Canon Powershot: G7x Mark III, G5x Mark II
  • Most recent Android smartphones


  • (multiple) Freshtape Media - link
  • (burst) Xangle - link
  • (studio mode + light-painting) Eric Paré - link

System requirements

  • Intel i5 processor +
  • 4GB RAM
  • 700 MB available on hard drive
  • Microsoft Windows 10 
  • One compatible cameras
  • Internet connection (license login)
  • Dedicated USB3 port