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Xangle bullet-time camera calibration bar - 41"

Xangle bullet-time camera calibration bar - 41"

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Easy calibration for your full 360-degree bullet-time / multi-camera setup. For smaller installations, please use a panel instead, as explained in this video: 

  • 41" calibration bar
  • 2 bright yellow markers
  • T8 dock
  • inner reflector sticker
  • 3/8" thread mount for quick release (tripod not included)
  • 960 lumens flashlight- 18650 battery included (micro usb cable not included)
  • Doesn't work in automatic mode against a bright window (each camera can be individually re-positioned using Xangle Camera Server)
  • Ideal size for most situation, but not optimal for super-wide angle configurations.
  • Ships in a 42" x 1.5" cylinder box

Check out this video to see the calibration bar in action: :)

Recommended tripod: Benro SLIM Carbon Fiber Lightweight Travel Tripod Kit 


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