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Xangle Sharing Server

Xangle Sharing Server

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Xangle Sharing Server is a "Watch folder" version of our usual photobooth softwares. It comes very handy in these situations:
  • Unlimited camera support & wifi transfer: simply set your camera to drop the files to our watch folder, and we're going to process it right away.
  • Additional formats & different branding: let's say you're running Xangle Camera Server (on the same computer... or not!) and you want to extract frame number 6 (out of a 12 cameras array) to print it in a larger frame with different format, you now have a clean solution.
  • Handle multiple photobooths cameras to a single touchless sharing stations area
  • Easily create a networked photobooth system with multiple replay stations and multiple sharing stations
  • Add-on to your existing photobooth software where some features might be missing (touchless sharing, additional replay/sharing stations, soundtrack addition, boomerang effect, etc...)
  • Sleek and modern user interface
  • Instant replay
  • Multiple resolutions available
  • Image/video gallery
  • Replay monitor (auto play last or loop the last five items)
  • Sharing form (by email, smtp account required)
  • Touchless sharing (via a QR code)
  • Gallery and Replay monitors accessible from other computers through the same local network via a web browser (local ip address)
  • Photo post-processing add-ons: Watermark, Color Grading (LUT), Poster.
  • Video post-processing add-ons: Watermark, Alpha transparency (.MOV) overlays, blending mode (.MP4) overlays, Intro, Outro, Color Grading (LUT), Poster
  • Customizable input form, terms and conditions & sharing UI (background and colors)
  • FTP upload
  • Output: JPG, MP4 or Gif
  • Rewind effect
  • Boomerang effect

    Compatible files (input)

    • JPG
    • MP4

    System requirements

    • Intel i5 processor +
    • 4GB RAM
    • 700 MB available on hard drive
    • Microsoft Windows 10 
    • Internet connection (license login)

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