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Instant software download after purchase | no trigger cables required | Optimized for bullet-time & photogrammetry studios & events
Xangle Camera Server Basic
Xangle Camera Server Basic

Xangle Camera Server Basic

$167.00 USD

Create bullet-time effect using a simple and efficient software! Control up to 24 Canon DSLR cameras - NO TRIGGER CABLES NEEDED.

Full features:  https://xanglecs.com/features
Starter VS Basic VS Pro VS Capture? https://xanglecs.com/features
Software screenshots: https://xanglecs.com/screenshots
Samples (from our clients): https://xanglecs.com/examples
Our new demo reel: http://bit.ly/2UpUcRg
Required gear: https://xanglecs.com/gear/
Full documentation: https://xangle.zendesk.com


    • Compatible Canon DSLRs
    • Windows 10 computer + web browser
    • Usb ports / hubs (one port per camera)
    • Calibration bar or calibration panel (available in the hardware section)

    * One license = one computer. You need to log out from one computer to be able to log in on another one
    * Licenses are available right after the payment (look for an email coming from info@xangleapps.net). You have up to two months to activate your newly purchase license

    Conditions & license: https://xanglecs.com/license