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Raspberry Pi Hat for Xangle Camera Server: light control for multi-camera installations (bullet-time, photogrammetry, etc.)


  • 4 stereo outputs for strobe lights (delay setting from Xangle)
  • Neopixels connector (optional)
  • Auto-detection from Xangle (status panel)
  • Daisy chain ports (future extension modules)


  • Sync strobes with Android devices at 1/6s (can vary depending on model)
  • Fire multiple flashes within the same custom trigger sequence
  • Control multiple Neopixel LED strips, as seen on
  • Use as a simple flash trigger instead of the usual sacrifice-camera

Compatibility / requirements

  • Raspberry Pi 3b, 3b+ or 4b
  • Xangle Camera Server v21.04.27+ (Pro or Capture license only)
  • Your Xangle license must allows a number of nodes (or cameras) equal or above your total number of XangleBoards (get a 12-cameras license for 12 boards)

Neopixels features and limitations

  • Power up / drive up to 120 RGB or RGBW pixels on a single board (one board on one Raspberry Pi)
  • Adafruit Mini Skinny NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip:
  • Suggested power supply: 60 RGBW pixels per power supply - 5V 6A 40W 120 RGBW pixels per power supply - 5V 10A 40W 120 RGB pixels per power supply - 5V 8A 40W
  • Any other NeoPixel product should work but might require some custom connectors and/or a different power supply. Contact us if you need any help

Neopixels control from Xangle

  • Create unlimited groups of lights to assign colors, bmp files, or brightness level.
  • Individually control the brightness of the white (W) pixels vs the RGB pixels
  • Presets system per global group configurations
  • Master on/off switch ("L" key from the dashboard, or "next" key on a bluetooth powerpoint presenter)
  • Automatically change the preset at trigger time (demo:
  • Renaming per Pi (for easier grouping)
  • "Identification" button (makes one strip blinks for visual identification across your system)
  • Upload BMP files for animation, with speed control (BETA)
  • Auto turn on/off with exposure and/or countdown duration (see demo here:
  • Upcoming: API control


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