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XangleVideo - Videobooth software

XangleVideo - Videobooth software

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/XangleVideo is a high-end Video Booth app. It uses the hdmi feed of your DSLR camera to capture 1080p footage and provide you nearly instant replay.

  • Real-time live preview
  • 1080p/4k resolution
  • Up to 60fps in HDMI mode (real-time)
  • Save photo and/or video
  • Slow down / speed up slider
  • Rewind effect
  • Boomerang effect
  • Timing / camera selection grid (speed-up, slow-down specific segments of your videos)
  • Countdown
  • Capture footage either with a specified number of seconds or by clicking start and stop on a remote 
  • Control using a keyboard, a mouse, a Bluetooth powerpoint presenter or a gamepad
  • Multiple control modes and key binding configurations
  • Full-screen mode (clean, no overlay)
  • Image/video gallery
  • Sharing screen (by email, smtp account required)
  • Replay monitor (auto loops last or five last created videos)
  • Gallery and Replay monitors accessible from other computers through the same local network via a web browser (local ip address)
  • Video post-processing add-ons: Watermark, Alpha transparency (.MOV) overlays, blending mode (.MP4) overlays, Color Grading (LUT)
  • Side by side view using 2 cameras


  • Freshtape Media - link
  • ThinkPrint (Brazil) - link (dual!)
  • Xangle (Canada) - link
  • OMG Photobooth (USA) - link

System requirements

  • Fast Intel i7 processor (1080p) or intel i5 processor (720p)
  • For 2 cameras, we highly recommend a gaming computer (we had great results using an Alienware or ROG computer)
  • NVDIA graphics card
  • 4GB RAM
  • 700 MB available on hard drive
  • Microsoft Windows 10/11
  • One capture card (see list)
  • At least one compatible cameras (see list)
  • Internet connection (license login)
  • Dedicated USB3 port

Make sure you have a compatible camera and a compatible hdmi converter before placing an order: 

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